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Kingston 50/50 10ml

Kingston E-liquids are one of the biggest vape juice and E-liquid brands currently on the market due to their huge range of flavours made with premium quality ingredients, all at an affordable price. From their very first concept in 2017, Kingston has become a firm favourite for vaping enthusiasts all around the world. They pride themselves on delivering top quality vape juices and award-winning flavours to all of their customers and are fully TPD compliant.

Kingston 50/50 10ml short fill e-liquids feature a perfectly balanced 50 % VG and 50% Mixed PG concentration ratio to offer balanced flavour and vapour production and are available in a range of different nicotine strengths including 3mg, 6mg and 12mg, allowing you to tailor the strength of your vape. The Kingston 50/50 range offers a wide array of different flavours based on fruits, desserts, beverages and many more, ensuring everyone can find their favourite vape flavour.

Browse our range of Kingston 50/50 10ml E-liquid flavours below and purchase a delicious and reliable vape juice today.

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