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Kingston 500ml

Kingston E-liquids are one of the biggest vape juice and E-liquid brands currently on the market due to their huge range of flavours made with premium quality ingredients, all at an affordable price. From their very first concept in 2017, Kingston has become a firm favourite for vaping enthusiasts all around the world. They pride themselves on delivering top quality vape juices and award-winning flavours to all of their customers and are fully TPD compliant. Kingston has produced some of the most famous and sought after E-liquid flavours including the “Heisen” range now known as the Zingberry range which is available in a range of different bottle sizes, such as 60ml, 100ml, 120ml, 500ml and 10ml. All of their short fill bottles arrive completely nicotine free and will have room for optional 10ml nic shots.

Kingston’s 500ml bottles are fantastic if you have already discovered your favourite flavour and would prefer to buy a bulk bottle cheaper than buying multiple 100ml bottles. We are running a special offer with our range of 500ml Kingston bottles where you get an extra 100ml bottle of any Kingston, Pum Pum or Simply Vape flavour as well as 8 free nicotine shots.

Browse our range of Kingston 500ml E-liquid flavours below and purchase a tasty e-liquid today.

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