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Vape Tanks

Vape tanks come in multiple forms, at Vapour Hub. We stock a number of tank options.

Sub Ohm Tanks

If you’re looking for the biggest clouds out there, Sub Ohm tanks are perfect for you. With a coil resistance below 1 ohm, Sub Ohm tanks are typically the most preferred method of vaping as they offer simple refilling, easily replaceable coils and of course, huge clouds.
On top of their convenience, Sub Ohm tanks are incredibly well built and offer some serious durability.

RDA Tanks

RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser) tanks, sometimes referred to as “drippers”, are advanced atomisers that allow for a great degree of customisation. From building your own tank and wick to choosing all the other components, RDA tanks truly allow you to create your very own, unique e-cig.

Since RDAs feature a greater degree of manual handling, they’re targeted more towards those who vape as a hobby and less towards those who want an easily manageable, beginner-level e-cig. But with far greater clouds, bolder flavours and much more room for customisation, RDAs are more than worth it for experienced vapers who prioritise flavour and clouds over simplicity.

The benefits of using an RDA tank aren’t limited to aesthetics, RDAs allow for continuous vaping with an easy refill process. To refill an RDA, you manually drip the e-liquid into the coil, rather than refilling the tank. This quick and manual method of refilling an e-cig is perfect for vapers who want to try a variety of different flavours all in one sitting since it’s far quicker and more efficient than constantly refilling a tank. Providing an additional benefit to flavour chasers, RDAs make for far denser clouds that feature bolder, more pure flavours.

Mouth to Lung Tanks

Mouth to Lung tanks, or MTL tanks is an ideal choice for flavour chasers, ex-smokers or anyone who is trying to quit smoking. With a restricted airflow, MTL tanks are the closest thing to conventional smoking and make for a stronger taste when it comes to flavours. Unlike Sub Ohm tanks, MTL tanks use a plus ohm coil and in doing so, emit smaller, less obtrusive clouds.

Similar to smoking a cigarette, MTL tanks involve inhaling the vapour into your mouth, and then again to your lungs, simulating the sensation of smoking a cigarette yet minus the harmful effects, dangerous components and second-hand smoke – MTL vapes can be of significant help to anyone who is trying to quit smoking.

By using higher ohm coils, MTL tanks run on less wattage than a typical e-cig and feature a smaller coil. In requiring less power and being smaller in size, MTL tanks are the perfect e-cig when portability is a priority. Especially when used in smoking cessation, having a smaller device goes a long way in simulating smoking a cigarette. Also adding to the portability of an MTL e-cig is the battery that is, like the coil, smaller than the typical size.

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