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Pukka Juice 50/50

Pukka Juice E-Liquids are one of the biggest vape juice brands on the market, producing a huge range of delicious flavours including their popular and juicy “Blaze” range, featuring a mix of berries and crushed ice. Pukka has been operating since 2016 and have won numerous awards for their liquids. They produce Nic salts, Short fills and 50-50 liquids ensuring that their customers have an array of different juices to choose from.

Pukka Juice’s range of 50/50 E-liquids provides a perfectly balanced E-liquid using a concentration ratio of 50% VG and 50% mixed PG to produce a tight Mouth to Lung vape experience with great flavour production and large clouds of vapour, perfect for use with Sub-ohm vape devices and tanks. Pukka produce a range of different 50/50 flavours including their popular “Blaze” flavours, as well as fruit, beverage, sweets and tobacco inspired blends ensuring their customers can find their perfect flavour.

Browse our range of Pukka 50/50 e-liquid flavours below and discover a perfectly balanced and delicious vape juice today.

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