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Fifty 50

Fifty50 E-liquids are manufactured in the UK and are a reputable brand amongst experienced vapers and new starters alike. They provide high quality, tasty E-liquids and nicotine salts at an affordable price point, using premium quality ingredients in every single one of their products. Fifty50 provides a range of different flavours such as fruit, candy, and beverage blends so they can guarantee there will be a flavour for everyone. Their 10ml range is perfect for filling up on the go or searching for your ideal flavour without committing to a 100ml bottle. Fifty 50 10ml e-liquids are made with a well balanced, versatile 50/50 VG PG formulation, meaning you can produce huge dazzling clouds with absolutely no loss of flavour. Fifty50 Nic salts and 50/50 liquids are compatible with the vast majority of starter kits and pod kits and are best used in Sub-Ohm tanks. Their Nicotine Salts range is perfect for those who struggle with the harsher nicotine hit of normal E-liquids.

Browse our range of Fifty50 E-liquids and Nicotine salts below and discover your next favourite flavour today.

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